Greetings, weary traveler. Welcome to the Dreamless Kingdom, a land of eternal despair where dreams have ceased to exist. I am the gatekeeper of this somber village, and it is my duty to inform you of the desolation that lies ahead.

As you venture through our melancholic streets, you may find the inhabitants to be devoid of hope and aspirations. Their faces, once illuminated by dreams, now bear the weight of endless sorrow.

Do not expect to find warmth or solace within our realm, for the absence of dreams has left us with naught but misery. If, despite this, you still wish to proceed, I must warn you to guard your own dreams fiercely, for the Dreamless Kingdom's despair may seep into your soul, threatening to extinguish even the faintest flicker of hope.

Should you find yourself in need of guidance, do not hesitate to seek me out. But be warned, traveler: the darkness of the Dreamless Kingdom is not easily shaken, and the longer you linger, the more you risk losing yourself to its desolation.

Currently in development, the Dreamless Kingdom is a narrative game world created with AI and orchestrated using Unreal Engine 5.
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